Red and Yellow, Black and White


There is no doubt there are racial tensions in these United States.

Ben Carson recently posted this on his Facebook page

Those who are trying to divide our nation on the basis of race, income, religion, age, gender, etc. do not have the best interest of our nation at heart. Historically, no nation with this level of division has been successful. “A house divided against itself cannot stand” and we must realize that we will not stand if we destroy ourselves from within. Many of the people who have gotten caught up in the divisiveness are not bad people, but they have allowed themselves to be used by those who are bad people. We must remember that there is a reason we are called the “United” States of America. Let’s not be deceived by the smooth talking haters who project their own malicious intents onto others. It is our trust in God and the common sense of we the people that can save us.

Charlottesville calls to speak out

After the most recent event where this racial division manifested itself in Charlottesville, Virginia I have seen many calls from people I respect as fellow Christians with a much larger platform than mine, calling for Pastors and Christians to “speak out” to denounce this hate as if not doing so would be some kind of travesty or sin on their part. I don’t believe that is true. I do understand what they are saying and as Christians who are also leaders it is not a bad thing if they feel so led and want to use their platform to speak out. However, regarding the call to the pastors, if they are preaching and teaching from God’s Word what Jesus said and taught every week they are speaking against this hate every week. It’s not like it is some new subject or sermons series they need to begin. Those who they are speaking to understand the hatred and bigotry exhibited in Charlottesville is not what they have been taught and is evil.

Where I come from

To understand my perspective as a Christian doing life here in the south you should know a little bit about me and how that perspective was formed. I grew up in church and the Christian values I have been and continue to be taught and reminded of each week and try to live out are nothing new. The fact that I fall short every day is nothing new either. Truths I have been taught are things like “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “We are all God’s children” and “God is Love” and “God hates evil” and Jesus loves us all the same, red and yellow, black and white. There is not some new pronouncement I need to make to declare I am opposed to hate, bigotry, white supremacy and naziism. That is a given. The principles I have been taught over the years make it is easy to recognize hate and evil when it raises its ugly head as it did recently in Charlottesville.

Another Sunday in the South

This brings me to this past Sunday in church where I arrived early, which is not normal for me, and selected a seat on the back row. I am part of the cleanup crew for the Lord’s Supper and wanted to start collecting the juice cups from there when the service was over. I was all alone until another gentleman arrived and asked if the seats beside me were taken. I told him, “No. I was saving them just for you”. During the sermon we were reminded by our pastor, among other things, “Racism is out of the question for Christians”. At the end of the service as we observed one of the two ordinances of our faith, The Lord’s Supper, to remember the sacrifice Jesus paid for us, I learned the gentleman sitting beside me was also a brother in Christ as we participated in this part of the service together. The gentleman sitting beside me just happened to be a black man who I don’t remember ever seeing there before. I normally wouldn’t have given this a second thought. However, with the recent events and tragedy in Charlottesville fresh in my mind I did give it a second thought. That thought was this. This is how it ought to be. I am thankful and know I am blessed to live in a place where this has become normal and does not trigger a second thought.

And then I thought…

If, in a Baptist Church in South Alabama on a Sunday morning brothers in Christ, regardless of skin color, can share the symbols of the broken body and shed blood Jesus Christ shed for us on the cross at Calvary, why can’t this be happening all over the country? By sharing this normal (for me) story I wanted to show what we see on TV or other media outlets all too often today regarding race relations is not happening everywhere as you might be led to believe. My hope is it will also give you hope this can become the norm wherever you live, if it is not already. This is also a small glimpse of what one area of life is really like in the south, contrary to the flawed stereotype many believe is real. Barriers can be broken down. Bridges can be built but it has to happen one handshake, one conversation or even one Lord’s Supper at a time. We are all God’s children and like any parent He would love nothing more than to see us all getting along with each other, red and yellow, black and white.

Until next time…

Originally posted on Peculiar Perspective on 8/23/2017

Standing for Last Man Standing

This ain’t Walt Disney’s company any more. It really hasn’t been for some time. I don’t think that is news to anyone who has been paying attention. The recent examples of Disney CEO Bob Iger choosing to put political correctness and possibly his own political aspirations ahead of the interests of maximizing stockholders’ value and carrying forward the legacy of Walt Disney prompted me to compose this post.

Walt Disney

I have tremendous respect and admiration Walt Disney and all he accomplished and created for the company that now bears his name. His influence on entertainment and technology in the 20th century and beyond is second to none. That has not changed. I do believe he would have steered the company in a different direction than it has been headed the last several years. That is pure speculation on my part but it is based on a pretty good understanding of who Walt Disney was and the values he wanted his company to promote.

I remember…

I remember a time when parents could turn the TV to The Disney Channel and trust they would get wholesome family entertainment for their children to watch. That is no longer the case.

I remember a time when you could go to Walt Disney World and expect to have a family experience without alcohol and the issues that often arise where this is served. That is no longer the case.

I remember a time when you could take your family to a Disney movie based on a classic fairy tale with confidence it would be wholesome family entertainment with a moral lesson or two, good would defeat evil and the ending would be “happily ever after”. That is no longer the case either.

I think I remember when ESPN covered sporting events and the commentary was related to the sporting event and its participants, not that particular announcer’s political or social agenda. That has not been the case for some time and was part of reason for the recent ESPN layoffs.


I admit it. I am nostalgic for those earlier times and am sad they will never return. I am one of those people who could spend the entire day on Main Street USA in Walt Disney World and consider that a wonderful day. There is a lot of truth in this Walt Disney quote.

“That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up. They forget. They don’t remember what it’s like to be twelve years old.” ~ Walt Disney

Maybe a lot of people do actually believe this quote but misunderstand its meaning. He didn’t mean people should act like a 12-year-old. There are a lot of people doing that. He meant if more people lived with the wonder, curiosity, innocence and sense of fun of a 12-year-old the world would be a better place.

Meanwhile back to the reason for this post

In case you missed it ABC recently announced the cancellation of its 3rd highest rated show after it had received its highest ratings ever in the most recent season. That show was one of my favorites I looked forward to watching every week and it is called Last Man Standing.

As a…

As a Disney stockholder, I am angry because ABC cancelled their 3rd highest rated show without even entering into negotiations with Fox. This was not a good business decision for Disney or its stockholders. Shows with high ratings bring in high advertising revenue. That is good for business.

to cancel the show as it obviously does not line up with the corporate liberal philosophy of Disney and its subsidiaries. When giving the show a less than desirable time slot on Friday night, which it proceeded to dominate, didn’t work they had to do something.

As a Christian, father and conservative I am sad characters like Mike Baxter can no longer be portrayed positively in today’s entertainment world and especially on a Walt Disney Company network. Mike Baxter is a successful businessman, a husband, a Christian, a father with a sense of humor and also a conservative. Not all family members share his conservative beliefs. Yet, they work through their differences and all get along and support each other as families should do, despite their differences.

That says a lot about ABC and the society we live in today.

What if this was still Walt and Roy’s company? What would they do?

I believe Walt would have looked at the traditional family being portrayed and the fact it was entertainment the entire family could watch, laugh with, learn from and even cry with from time to time. That IS the Walt Disney entertainment brand legacy. The decision would have been a no-brainer for him. Politics would not have been a consideration at all and he only considered the financial details after the entertainment criteria was met. Then he would have told Roy to make the finances work. Unlike many of their other ventures, this one would have also been a no-brainer for Roy. ‘It’s our 3rd highest rated show on the network.’ He would have probably done his due diligence to see if terms could be improved and then he would have gladly given it his approval and stamped it RENEWED.

Sorry, just my nostalgia kicking in again. Now back to today.

Petition to save Last Man Standing

There is a petition at to Save Tim Allen’s Show “Last Man Standing” with almost 350,000 signatures when I last checked so I know I am not the only one who feels the same way about the cancellation of this show. I really don’t expect ABC to bring this show back but am hopeful some other network might. It would have to be done soon because I expect the actors are now all looking for new work or getting an opportunity to do something they have had on hold due to working on the series. They are all professionals and will all be fine. I will be fine too. It is a TV show after all. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the illogical business decision and true motivation behind this cancellation.

We all have choices

As a consumer, I realize a 55-year-old white male is probably not the primary target market for the sponsors of this show but this is one viewer from that demographic who is seeing fewer and fewer of any ads on Disney, ABC and ESPN networks. The Walt Disney Company and its advertisers have choices and so do I. I am sure my one consumer vote is not a concern of Disney or its sponsors.  It is obvious, however, based on over 350,000 people, so far, taking the time to sign an online petition I am not the only one who feels this way. Maybe our collective stand for Last Man Standing will be noticed.

Until next time…

Originally posted on Peculiar Perspective on 5/19/2017

Worst Year Ever?

Do you think there is something you can specifically do in the next week that will make your personal life, your family life and your business life all worse?

Do you think there is something you can specifically do in the next week that will make your personal life, your family life and your business life all better?

Do you believe that the choice is yours?

Do you believe that every choice has an end result?

Do you believe making the right choice is your responsibility?

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Shaken, but standing firm

“In 2007, after winning the Heisman, I was told I was the best in the world. And then, three years later, I was told I couldn’t throw. ” Tim Tebow in Shakentebow-social-612x612-4

I am sure you have heard of Tebowing and seen photos of the ‘John 3;16’ written in eye black in the NCAA National Championship game in January 2009 to draw attention to this verse of scripture. This worked pretty well as over 94 million people Googled this verse during that game. What happened exactly 3 years later in a playoff game between Denver and Pittsburgh is a part of this story you probably have not heard. It is pretty amazing too. Continue reading Shaken, but standing firm

Between Heaven & Hollywood – A Review

img_20161024_031259244I was fortunate to be part of the Launch Team for Between Heaven & Hollywood by David A.R. White in exchange for my honest review and sharing it with others. My honest review is what follows.

You can still get the Dreamers Package download FREE if you order today and email a copy of your receipt to You can see more details at Continue reading Between Heaven & Hollywood – A Review

Time for choosing…again

On November 8th the United States of America will once again choose its next President. Some have made this decision more complex than it really needs to be. I cannot and will not try to tell anyone who to vote for. I wouldn’t expect you to listen or keep reading if I did. I can, however, share some of my thoughts on the election and try to simplify the choice we will be making on Election Day.

Since I published this post I have read and seen a few more articles from others that shared the same theme but expressed it much better or more detailed than I did so I have included links to those at the end of this post. Continue reading Time for choosing…again

Ominous Clouds

350px-boll_weevil_monumentIt is heating up in Enterprise

After all it is July in South Alabama. However the weather is not the only thing heating up. Election season is in full swing and is heating up as well. I suspect the bullying and intimidation I wrote about in The Silenced Majority has only intensified as the prospect that some are losing their grip on the reins of Enterprise has become a real possibility.

Ominous Clouds

Those ominous clouds of intimidation that have existed in Enterprise for years can be rolled away if the people of Enterprise are ready to make that happen. Continue reading Ominous Clouds

3 Simple Truths From My Peculiar Perspective

#1 – If you do anything, someone will criticize it.

#2 – If you say anything, someone will be offended.

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One More Thunderstorm

IMG_20140613_114334Golden Retrievers are often frightened by thunder and other loud noises such as fireworks and gunshots they don’t understand. If you’ve ever owned such a dog you are probably aware of this.

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Do you ever have any doubts? If you are being honest with yourself I doubt the answer to that question is no. We all have doubts but those doubts are as varied as our own unique personalities. We all face our own doubts in one way or another. We all either let our doubts affect us negatively or work through them and usually emerge stronger on the other side of our doubts. Continue reading Doubts