Independents Do Not Decide Elections

3002776434_643d076694_nI am tired of hearing the supposed election experts and pundits (insert name of your choice here) say the election (insert election here) is going to be decided by independents.

That is just not true.

The election will be determined by two groups of eligible voters, the Robot voters and the Single-Social-Issue non-voters. It is really very simple.

Robot Voters

Most people think of robots as some technological creation that somewhat exist now but will be more prevalent at some point in the not too distant future. That is one definition.

However, robots have existed for years. They show up every two years at the polling places on Election Day and pull that lever for the party their parents and grandparents voted for, for no other reason than, “they have always done it that way.” They do not educate themselves on the issues, how the candidates they are voting to elect or re-elect have voted or not voted, or the character of the candidates. All those facts and characteristics are irrelevant as there is no decision-making process taking place at all.

Black voters do make up a large portion of this group of robot voters but it includes members of all races and all political parties. Since Blacks do comprise the largest block of this group, if they maintain their status quo of the past 60 years and vote for the Democrats as they have done consistently there is a good chance that many Democrats will be re-elected, deservedly so or not. This vote has been consistent and reliable for the Democrats, and even take for granted, even though when you look at what they have received for this unwavering support there is very little to be found. This support without any accountability continues to astonish me.

Both major political parties come around every couple of years and make promises that sound good and tell their constituents how much they care about them and are working tirelessly for them and need to be re-elected in order to continue this important work. However if you look for any evidence that indicates this work has accomplished anything for the voters it is proposed to help, very little can be found.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This is what these voters have done over and over. They are not holding those they are electing accountable for results. If it wasn’t so predictable and preventable it would be sad. Maybe they are getting the results they want but if so, their expectations are really low.

Single-Social-Issue (SSI) Non-Voters

The other group that will determine the outcome of this upcoming election as they have in past elections are those who select a candidate based on their stance, support of or opposition to a single social issues alone. This group is not mutually exclusive from the Robot voters. Christians are the largest block of this group. The participation rate of Christians in recent elections is embarrassing and disgraceful to this Christian.

They will show up to support Chick-fil-A or Hobby Lobby but then choose to stay home on Election Day. This makes just about as much sense as the Robot voters vote…none at all.

One significant difference in this group and the robot voters is the robot voters do consistently show up at the polls and cast their votes. This SSI group stays home and forfeits their voting privilege because a candidate or party does not meet “all” of their requirements. This excuse for not voting is just as astonishing as the voting record of the robot voters to me.

In the last two presidential elections there have been millions, primarily from this group, who have just stayed home and not voted because they did not like either of the candidates. These people are looking for the perfect candidate, which does not exist and never will. When not having the option of voting for this non-existent candidate they have chosen to just stay home and not participate as some type of protest. This non-action and abdication of their privilege to vote is the same as a vote for a candidate or party they would not have likely voted for. This is astonishing to me as well.

Don’t be a Robot or SSI citizen

If any of this applies to you,

 I would rather you not vote at all if you are not going to cast an informed vote. I did write about that previously at Maybe you shouldn’t vote.

Inform yourself about the candidates and the issues and get to the polls on election day and exercise your privilege to vote and select those who will be making decisions that will affect you, your children and even grandchildren. There are many ways to get informed. I will mention a couple here but this is by no means an exhaustive list. As long as you are making the effort to learn and cast an informed vote that is all I am asking.

It is not my place to tell you how to vote. I would be happy to discuss any of the candidates or issues with you personally but that is not my purpose here. I just want people who are eligible to vote to exercise that privilege and cast an informed vote. If that were the case we would have much better representatives making better decisions to make this a better city, county, state and country.

As Ursula from The Little Mermaid said, “Life’s full of tough choices, isn’t it?” Selecting a candidate when none meet all of your criteria or expectations can be one of those tough choices; but it is one we all should be making. Doing the research to learn about who and what you will be voting on will take a little time but it is time we should all be taking. Only then can we expect those we elect to make tough wise choices when they are faced with them in their term serving us.

Your One Vote Does Count!

Dr. Ben Carson has written a short book called One Vote that reminds us or informs us why our One Vote does count and why we should not take this privilege for granted, make ourselves informed voters and vote. You can get your own copy on One Vote free at Make Your Voice Heard. Get it and read it before you vote next week. You will be reminded why you should vote and should be an informed voter. You might just be inspired to vote if you were thinking about sitting this one out too.

Even if you choose not to download the free book you can go to and take advantage of all the resources available there to inform yourself about the process, issues, and candidates.

This is America – Act Like Americans!

If you are an American citizen you have the privilege of living in the greatest country on the face of the earth. We have been blessed and continue to be blessed by God. You have a responsibility to be part of the informed electorate and take part in the democratic process of electing those who will “serve” for the next 2, 4 or 6 years.

Whether you take your responsibility seriously and fulfill it is your choice. Choose wisely. Make a choice you can live with.

Independents do not decide elections. You do!

God Bless America!

Until next time…

Originally published on Peculiar Perspective on 10/31/2014

What Do YOU Expect from the Holy Spirit?

Well, what DID you expect? When you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour what did you expect? Did you expect an upper room experience like the first Christians as described in the book of Acts?

For all of us who have come to accept Christ after his ascension we don’t have to wait. The moment we make that decision the Holy Spirit is there, immediately.

So, since we have this Helper or Holy Spirit inside us, what should we expect?

Holy Spirit 300x300

What To Expect from the Holy Spirit by Dr. Earl D. Radmacher and Jeremy Myers will help you answer that question.



Have you ever thought about what the responsibility of the Holy Spirit really is? I suspect you have or you wouldn’t still be reading this post.


Dr. Radmacher will either enlighten you or remind you of what Jesus said about the Holy Spirit, why it would be coming, and exactly what the purpose for its coming was.

The chapter titles will give you a clue as to what is discussed in this book.

The Pattern of Dependence

The Power for Witness

The Protector of the Church

The Provider of Gifts

The Possessor of the Body Member

This book is an essential study of the Holy Spirit Dr. Radmacher delivered as messages in 1980 and originally published by RBC in 1983.

This version has been updated and now re-published by Jeremy Myers. Dated references and references only really applicable in a live sermon were removed and a new preface, introduction, and Conclusion chapter was added.

The goal of this book is also to clarify some of the confusion that often accompanies teaching about Spiritual gifts and the filling of the Holy Spirit. I believe this goal has been accomplished.

The central message is to explain and reinforce the premise, “The Spirit of God has only the desire to focus on Jesus Christ.”

“This book seeks to determine from the Scriptures what we can know about the person and work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.”

The following excerpt from the book was an eye-opener for me. I guess I did know it but had never really thought about it exactly this way until reading it here. See if it has the same effect on you,

“The issue isn’t how much of the Holy Spirit we have or how much of the Holy Spirit’s power we can get. Due to indwelling and sealing, we have all of the Spirit we are ever going to get. The issue for Christians is how much of us does the Holy Spirit Have!”

So, if you are a Christian, you have the Holy Spirit living inside you. If you want to learn more about exactly what that should mean for you this book is an excellent resource. This book will also explain the Holy Spirit’s role in helping you discover and implement YOUR spiritual gift or gifts.

After reading this book you will possess either a new understanding or better understanding of what to expect from the Holy Spirit.

If you are not a Christian and want to learn more about what the Holy Spirit would mean should you ever decide to become a Christian, this is a good place to start.

This book was both enlightening and informative for me. I hope it will be for you too. I recommend you get your copy today, right now!

Until next time…

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Unforgivable? Not so fast…

Have you ever entertained the thought that you might have committed the unforgivable sin?

Why You Have Not Committed the Unforgivable-Sin - Jeremy MyersIn Jeremy Myers latest book, Why You Have Not Committed The Unforgivable Sin, he discusses this very subject. I know, the title gave that away, right? If you have ever struggled with or just wondered about this question or know someone who has it would be well worth the investment to get your own copy and spend a little time with it.

He makes a very logical case for just what the unforgivable sin is not, what it is, and how you can tell for sure if you have committed it or not.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers but if a brief look at the book and what it contains helps someone decide to pick it up and answer a question they have been harboring for days, weeks, months or years then it is well worth my time here and I hope that is the end result of this post.

I thought I knew

I have always though I knew what the unforgivable sin was and don’t think my idea was really that far off the mark. It was just not as complete as it is now after reading this book. This was my prevailing understanding before reading this book, If you have made the decision to not follow Jesus and accept his free gift of salvation (Free to us – He paid the full price on Calvary)  then you have and continue to commit the unforgivable sin or the sin of disbelief. Deciding to not say Yes to Jesus or postponing that decision is the same thing as saying No.

I now know more

However, in this book Jeremy goes a little deeper than my original thought and adds some practical meat around the bones so to speak. He does that in a way that is very easy to read and very concise as well. The book is only 85 pages long but those 85 pages could change your life or the life of someone you care about.

In this book Jeremy covers common views about the unforgivable sin and dispels some common myths. Suicide, divorce, adultery and abortion are discussed.

Next he reviews the most common scripture related to the unforgivable sin.

Matthew 12:21-32 is most frequently mentioned because it is the only passage which specifically mentions a sin that will not ever be forgiven, a sin which is called “blasphemy against the Spirit.”

He details exactly what the unforgivable sin is.

Ultimately, only one sin fits all of the requirements of the unforgivable sin. It is this: The unforgivable sin is a willful and slanderous rejection of the Holy Spirit’s testimony about Jesus 

Have you committed the unforgivable sin?

And, finally, explains exactly why it is likely you have not committed the unforgivable sin. This will likely be for you as it was for me one of those “aha” moments when you will think, “Now that makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Why didn’t I think of that before?”

This is done in a very engaging and easy to read and understand style that I think you will appreciate. I believe you will also gain some perspectives you might not have thought of before in addition to your “aha” moment.

Get your copy of Why You Have Not Committed The Unforgivable Sin today and add to your own knowledge just for yourself or to help others that cross your path in this journey called life. You will be glad you did.

Until next time…

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